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Ava August has set the pop world atwitter and clinches her status as one of music’s emerging new pop-stars with the recent announcement of her signing a management deal with Red-light Management, as the youngest artist ever to be on its roster. 

Ava August release her second single as an independent singer/songwriter on July 1, 2022, Living Room to international acclaim.


The 17 year old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Southern California, plays ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboard, with a swagger that pulls from a deep well within her beach community.  Ava August's artistry carefully crafts meaningful lyrics with sonic muscle, vacillating between haunting ballads, and soulful up-tempo originals. 


Ava Augusts writes raw, direct and often heartbroken songs that emphasize introspection and emotional honesty. Ava August’s music weaves together many of the decade’s biggest pop trends: hushed singing, songwriting flourishes, genre-blurring, and bedroom-pop aesthetics—with sweeping, melodramatic grandeur. 


In interviews, Ava August characterizes herself as a musical omnivore oft-citing The Beatles, Swift, Styles, Freddie Mercury and Adele as icons she emulates. Her songs explore subjects of fleeting romance and the emotional crush of the breakup, with vocals eliciting goose bump raising, chills built on intimacy.  Her global brand is in high demand as she supports causes close to her heart including environmental and other non-profit organizations that assist the elderly and those with disabilities.


Ava August achieved international fame after appearing on two nationally televised singing competitions, while being the youngest person ever to appear on each show.  Ava August has performed before sold-out crowds at professional sporting venues in Los Angeles including before the Los Angeles Rams, Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Angels and Galaxy.   Her several original hit songs that may be heard on all streaming platforms.


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